Simple Grid Post

Grid Post with Filter

Grid Post with Carousel

Grid Post with Load More

View Setting

VC Element: Post Grid
Data source: Select content type for your grid.
Narrow data source: Enter categories, tags or custom taxonomies.
Total items: Set max limit for items in grid or enter -1 to display all (limited to 1000).
Display Style: Select display style for grid.
Show filter: For add filter option
Grid elements per row: Select number of single grid elements per row.
Gap: Select gap between grid elements.

Data Setting:
Order by: Select order type.
Sorting: Select sorting order.
Offset: Number of grid elements to displace or pass over.
Exclude: Exclude posts, pages, etc. by title.

Load more button setting:
Button style: Select button style.
Button color: Select button color.
Button size: Select button size.

Style: Select filter display style.
Alignment: Select filter alignment.
Color: Select filter color.
Filter size: Select filter size.

Item Design:
Grid element template: Select grid element template style