METAL PRODUCTION Ltd. – ISO 9001 CERTIFIED COMPANY – certificate no. 568C


Our company operates in the metal mechanic sector from 2000. In more than 15 years of activity we came to rely on a solid technical experience, always finding a balance between the quality and the efficiency applied to all the services we provide.

We are a private company with 35 qualified employees as turners, millers, drill hands, CNC machinists and a person in charge of the technical control.The workspace where the operating machines are installed covers an area of about 1200 m2.

The experience we gained and the professionalism of our staff, together with the quality of our technical equipment encourages us to seek new and complex projects.

The production capacity depends on the size and complexity of the workpieces. We process parts based on engineering drawings for the following industries:

  • PharmaceuticalDesen tehnic - piesă
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical
  • Mechanical


We have been supplying the Romanian and foreign industries for more than a decade with machined and treated mechanical parts and in this time we have strengthened our position on the market. The beneficiary of the machined parts manufactured by our company is the international market, especially ITALY, SPAIN, GERMANY, but also ROMANIA.

We are able to manufacture mechanical parts, especially unique ones, as well as larger series, from our material or from the client’s, using processes of turning, cutting, milling, grinding, drilling, as well al welded parts, from ferrous and nonferrous metals.